1938-1942 Pulizia etnica alle frontiere

Due to Benito Mussolini’s view that Jews and Roma were proactive spies against the State, the borders were subject to an increasingly stricter control, and Istria became the testing ground for these new anti-gypsy dispositions. On the 17th of January, 1938, Arturo Bocchini ordered the census and categorization of all the Roma of Istria, who were to be divided between those with non dangerous criminal convictions, those with dangerous criminal convictions and dangerous subjects. The Head of the Police in Istria, Cimoroni, provided a series of very detailed lists and between February and May 1938, as a result of Arturo Bocchini’s order of 17th January 1938, an ethnic cleansing of Istria from all Roma and Sinti began. They were boarded on ferries and confined to several places in Sardinia, between the province of Nuoro and that of Sassari. At least 80 people reached Sardinia; they were scattered in the countryside and supervised by the police.

In the same year, a similar confinement procedure applied to the Sinti from Trentino, who were likewise accused to be a dangerous species and therefore were moved to Sardinia for safety reasons; the Gabrielli (or Gabrieli), Hollenreiner, Eisenfeld and Held families were also confined to the island..



Saggio di DARKO DUKOVSKI_Le famiglie rom in Istria 1918-1938

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