1938-1940 Una questione di razza

From 1939 onwards, the renowned magazine La Difesa della Razza (“The Defence of the Race”) published, alongside with other academic journals, especially in the area of Social medicine, several essays on the dangerous nature of “gypsies”, who were to be considered “a despicable racial addition to the Italian specie”. The authors of such articles were Guido Landra, a young anthropologist, and Renato Semizzi, ordinary professor of Social medicine in Trieste and signatory of the Manifesto of Race.

At the beginning of 1940, Guido Landra, a young anthropologist who later became director of the Race and Demography Department of the Home Department published an article where he defined the “gypsies” as “a innately dangerous half-breed”. The main issue was clearly of a racial nature, and the assimilation was therefore not considered a practicable solution. In the same year, the project of the Fascist concentration camps reserved to the “gypsy issue” was inaugurated.



Renato Semizzi- Gli zingari - Rassegna Clinica - 1939

Guido Landra- Il problema dei meticci in Europa - La difesa della razza-1940

Mario De Bagni - Gli zingari - La difesa della razza - 1940

Vincenzo De Agazio - Gli ultimi nomadi - La Difesa della Razza - 1940