1922-1938 Rejections and expulsions

On the 1th of February, 1926, the Heads of the police sent a communiqué stating that all “gypsies”, regardless of their origin, should be rejected, even those in possess of valid documents allowing access to Italy. On the 8 August of the same year, the Ministry of Home Affairs declared that the main objective to be pursued was that of the eradication from the whole national territory of all “gypsy” caravans, that were, needless to say, extremely dangerous for public hygiene and safety.

The main focus of attention were therefore the borders, where access to Roma and Sinti should be denied; however, the order issued in August was mainly aimed at expelling the foreign “gypsies” who had already entered the Reign. An expulsion scheme was therefore enforced in order to eradicate all the Roma and Sinti that had no Italian citizenship; in practical terms, however, the confinement was applied regardless of the individuals’ country of origin: the coercive expulsion became the ideal solution to clean the territory from all Roma and Sinti, regardless of their nationality.



Ordine 8 agosto 1926

Ordine 19 febbraio 1926
Rimpatrio hudorovic 1929
Abbandono del territorio hudorovic 1929
Nuovo ingresso nel regno hudorovic 1930
Espulsione hudorovic 1930